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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fantasy League Anyone?

Time is running out on the preseason. Speedweeks is coming very very soon. With the Super Bowl finished and hung on the clothesline to drip dry, it's finally time to focus all attention on NASCAR. Some will buy more die-cast cars, others will repaint their Casey Mears or Brian Vickers bobbleheads, and still others will begin preliminary sketches for their #3 (or #6.7) Budweiser tattoos. Personally I'm busy getting my S-10 to work in the draft on the freeway. I move the seat up a few notches, add some tape to the grill, get a car wash, and hit the interstate. It's a nice way to see how bad others have got it. Unfortunately, most drivers don't care for getting bump drafted. Apparently there are not that many NASCAR fans on my morning commute, or maybe they just don't like plate races.

This blog, along with several other great blogs, has helped to soothe my need to talk and experience NASCAR. I appreciate all the people that have read and commented in the past few months. It's kind of neat to be part of a community of sorts. Now I'm wondering if anyone is interested in joining a Fantasy league. It doesn't matter what kind of league, there are so many out there. I played Yahoo's version last season and it was simple. The drivers are slotted into three classes and you have to pick two to four drivers from each class. You can choose different drivers every week, but can only start a driver 9 times during the season. I am open to other style leagues or whatever.

If anyone is interested leave a comment or email me (mjmaruska@gmail.com). I think it could be a lot of fun and shouldn't require a lot of extra time.

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