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Monday, January 29, 2007

Random NASCAR Thoughts

Yes, I'm getting behind on my preview posts. They are coming, but lately I've been busier than anticipated. Sorry about that. In the meantime, there are a few things I've been pondering:

-Martin Truex Jr's erm, Ticket.
Truex gets arrested for public urination, which only endears him to fans more. The possiblity that he may have handed the police officer a $100 before doing his business, only enhances the story. I like Truex and like most people, think it's more humorous than harmful. It got me thinking about Kurt Busch's citation in Phoenix in 2005. The actual events prior to the ticket are pretty similar. Busch was pulled over for erratic driving after having a beer or two with dinner. He mouthed off to an officer and was arrested and cited.
This also gave Roush Racing a convenient opportunity to release him from the last two races and also served the media a story to blow out of proportion during an otherwise mediocre Chase.

The differences? Truex was not involved in the Chase, his arrest occurred during the offeseason and he is held in a positive public light. Neither driver is in the right, I'm only pointing out the differences in coverage and perception over basically the same incident.

-New Point System creates new excitement.
Now drivers have two choices to obtain those delicious five extra points:
A.) Take a fourth place car and risk wrecking on the last lap to win a race.
B.) Simply stay out under yellow and jockey with David Stremme and Kyle Petty for five bonus points.

Most drivers will surely choose A. in hopes of higher ratings. Expanding the field is not a big deal, but ten was fine. At least NASCAR was smart enough to keep the point system the same for Chase and Non-chase drivers. That would have been a huge mistake as David Poole details.

-Kelly Clarkson to sing at Daytona.
I'd rather watch Steve Carell get his chest waxed. D'OOOHHH KELLY CLARKSON!

Less than 3 weeks until Daytona!

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