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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Foam Sweet Foam

After a good race with an exciting finish and during a week with testing, who would have thought the biggest story would center on foam? Complaints about the handling of the CoT don’t matter as much when there are still serious safety concerns.

The foam manufacturer Dow says the burning foam is not toxic. Technically that could be true., but smoke still isn’t good for you. Aside from possibly a candle I can’t think of anything involving smoke, especially in a confined space, that is considered harmless. By the way, I would love to see an in-car camera showing Kevin Harvick with a lilac blossom candle with a Shell logo on it.

Elsewhere, Kenny Wallace had the fastest lap during Richmond testing. Is that a sign that the CoT is leveling the playing field? Or is it a case of a fast lap with a capable driver?My guess is the latter, but I'm sure someone will spin at as proof that the CoT is working.

Sorry for the short post today. I have some other things to take care of, which I guess includes my paid job. I’ll be back tomorrow with a preview of this weekend’s Busch race at Nashville. Or maybe another riveting post about foam.