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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Earnhardt Newsflash

Tuscaloosa, AL-After an exhaustive search for their next head coach, the University of Alabama again went after a big name. Kerry Earnhardt will succeed Mike Shula as Crimson Tide football coach. The eldest son of the late Dale Earnhardt, he has spent the last eight years driving in NASCAR's Busch and Truck series. Lack of football experience was apparently not an issue for AD Mal Moore, "Alabama football is recognized as one of the biggest names in college sports. Likewise, the Earnhardt name is associated with success in the state of Alabama . It's a perfect fit."

Earnhardt and his siblings, Kelly Elledge and Dale Earnhardt Jr, also announced plans to begin construction on a racing complex in Alabama. The site will now be on the Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa.

When asked how important winning an SEC title would be, Earnhardt replied, "It don't mean sh**!. My daddy won here ten times."

The fan reaction was mixed. Some fans feel Earnhardt will be the best coach since Bear Bryant. Others feel Kerry got the job based on his name and doesn't have any real talent. Time will tell, although merchandise sales increased 133% following the announcement.

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