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Friday, December 08, 2006

NASCAR News stories and Blog update

The 2006 NASCAR season is over. It’s time to move on and look towards Daytona. Only 72 days left. Silly Season is creeping along. Most of the large changes already happened. There are still a few holes that will get answered before February. Who will drive the 88 car? Will anyone be Jamie McMurray’s crew chief? What exactly will change in the points system and the Chase?

Overall, it’s a pretty slow news cycle in NASCAR. Apparently that’s reason enough to take a nap. Some of the mainstream websites are devoting 300 words of PR fluff to each driver’s past season. Others cover the Busch series banquet. And you thought the Nextel Cup banquet had little substance.

The official website of Nascar is busy reminding people to go shopping in their online store. That’s one of their top “stories”. Daily. Their other top story this week is the top paint schemes of the year, by Duane Cross (a fitting name because that’s how I feel after reading his offerings). I love paint schemes as much as anyone else, but when that is the only new content aside from team press releases it’s a little pathetic. From a website that has firsthand access to the sport they cover, and their day job is producing content for said sport, all the worse. NASCAR fans deserve better.

Starting next week, I will try and do my part to provide actual content instead of regurgitating what most fans already know. My goal is to provide some original and substantial content based on facts. Starting with Kenny Wallace, I’ll preview the top 43 drivers from last year plus other newcomers expected to drive full-time in Cup next year.

I also have plans to jazz up the design of the site to look a little cleaner, add more links and whatever else can enhance the site. If anyone has any thoughts or feedback let me know. And as always thanks for reading.