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Sunday, November 12, 2006

One more week of NBC's Coverage

Some random broadcasting thoughts from the Phoenix race:
-NBC pulls out new graphics and features with two races left. What a waste. It makes as much sense as the guy who parties for four years deciding to study for his final exams as a senior.

-Another nice job by NBC to feature Greg Biffle’s pit crew on camera. Too bad he was 3 laps down at the time.

-The Aflac trivia question this week: Who is the only 3-time Chase driver to not win a race during the Chase?
OK, there are only three drivers to make all three Chases, which they should know (Kenseth, Martin, Johnson). The announcers have a one in three chance. Obviously Johnson has won this year, now it’s 50/50. And three gentlemen that get paid to watch and talk Nascar guess Mark Martin. And then give up and ask for the answer (Matt Kenseth)

I'm not saying everyone should know the answer to this question, but if some geek on his couch can immediately shout out the correct answer, threee "experts" should at least be able to figure it out in a reasonable amount of time.

-Does it count as live racing when NBC does promos with the track in the background? If you can’t see the racing action it sounds a lot like a commercial.

-Wally Dallenbach gives great analysis and insight. Anytime he wants to stop groaning and saying “Whoa” whenever two cars get close to each other, that’s fine with me.

-I lost count the number of times they referred to Kenseth making apple pie out of mud pie. He took a 25th place car and finished 13th. That's not very amazing. It's even less amazing after you realize Kenseth lost 46 points to Johnson.

-Bill Weber setting next week's schedule, “…Assuming Jimmie Johnson is the leader and doesn’t win the lottery, he’ll be there on Sunday” Because Johnson winning the Pick 5 to win a million dollars changes his plans. Apparently Bill Mullet forgot Johnson can win over $8million next Sunday at Homestead. Maybe Weber will win the lotter and not be there on Sunday.