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Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm Working on it...

Writing is hard work. It is even harder when it is not your job nor get paid for it. Writing everyday is my ultimate goal, but not simply for adding new content. If I'm going to post something, it needs to be worthwhile, not just regurgitating something you could find on Nascar.com. They cause enough vomiting as it is. I also don't want to strictly link to other articles. If I am going to write, I want it to be original, thoughtful content that requires research and time.

So this blog is kind of similar to Robert Yates Racing at this point. Until this summer I wrote on a pretty consistent basis and at least turned out quasi-quality content. Then I fell off the pace and am slowly trying to dig out again.

Until last June, the Yates organization was a threat to win races and make the Chase. Then they fell off the pace, ultimately losing drivers, sponsors and their status as an elite team in Nascar.

I was never elite nor had sponsors to lose, but I am intent on getting back to writing consistently, and with the hope to eventually write in a freelance capacity. In the meantime I am loving the Chase, have plenty of ideas and opinions on what's happening and have some things I'm working on. I hope to finish a few things before the end of the year that can get me rolling into the offseason, because I do want this to become a regular thing again.

A few things that may show up here in the future:
-Revamping Nascar's point system: Seperate points for the Chase would be a great mistake.

-The huge impact of owner's points for next year: Some sponsors are not going to enjoy the ride next year.

-Nascar's future drivers:How can Busch rookies get experience if they can't even last a full season in their rides?

-Car Of Tomorrow (insert your own joke): Like the shorter spoiler in '05, some team is going to hit a home run immediately, while others struggle.

Enjoy Atlanta, maybe I'll have something substantial to say next week.