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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Green Green Green!

Three years ago was my first year of seriously following NASCAR. I had watched races or parts of races in the past, could recognize a good number of drivers and didn't scoff at it as a redneck sport. But my sports attention budget was always spent on basketball, football, baseball and even hockey. After two decades of following the traditionally mainstream sports , even working in sports for three plus years, things got stale. The excitement and uniqueness of sports was drained. So in February of 2004, football was over and my Sunday's were suddenly vacant.

It was the perfect setup. One three hour slot on Sundays to keep up on all of a league's action. I was hooked pretty much immediately. Of course having the first race be the Daytona 500 is a good start.

The more I got into the sport, you realize how much really is involved. One of the great things about NASCAR is the number of variables involved. Is a driver really good or does he have great equipment? Was that bump intentional?

Another great thing is the passion of the fans. Unfortunately, this often gets warped into unintelligent emotion. There is so much gray area it is easy to have good arguments.

Conversations like this are common:
Bud8fan: Gordon sucks!
24Rules:No Jr sucks!
3rd party: Why do you say they suck?
24Rules: I don't know, he just does.

Passion and opinions are wonderful. An opinion without reasoning or evidence is worthless. This is what I hope to provide here. Opinions and insights based on research and intelligence over blind allegiance.